Memory Lane Victorianesque Junk Journal

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A one-of-a-kind handmade treasure.

Tuck your thoughts and memories into this handcrafted, lovely, grungy, vintage-inspired junk journal made by my own Mother. The past was a time of challenge, but also of optimism and promise. Explore a bittersweet mix of life, music, love, loss, and memories. Even as a soldier must leave his love behind, others celebrate with dance and song and the simple joys of a beautiful life. Ignite your imagination as you sift through scrumptious coffee-died pages, explore vintage photography and ephemera. Be inspired to tuck your own memories into the pages of this one-of-a-kind piece. My mom spent countless hours incorporating hand stitching, paper dying, curating authentic vintage-inspired ephemera and images. A wonderful gift for yourself or someone special. ❤️

For the #everydayavantgarde full of dreamy nostalgia.

  • 62 pages full of pockets, clips, photos, and more! / Elastic ties / Bound by hand
  • 9" x 6"
  • Delivered in 1-3 weeks
  • Each page is full of surprises!
*All items within the Handmade Originals collections are hand made or handcrafted one piece at a time, they are unique and not factory manufactured. As a result of being designed by hand, items may have slight differences from one piece to the next, caused by variations in the materials as well as the handcrafting and no two items will be exactly the same.
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